A Comparison Between Facebook Ads And Google Adwords

Technology has changed a lot of things; before, only large business owners could afford to market their businesses through the internet. Today, even the smallest businesses can efficiently market through the internet effectively. Google and Facebook are the top platforms used today in marketing because they quickly reach the target audience and deliver the exact message people need from your brand.
The most significant difference between the two is the impression your customers get when viewing the ad on either Facebook or Google. Facebook displays its ads based on the interests of the user and their demographics, while Google displays its ads based on the users’ search words and categories. This is also close to how one can directly go to Google to search for what they need while the other person chooses to browse the same thing on Facebook. Both Facebook and Google, however, reach their target and potential customers. It is fair to say that Facebook generates brand awareness while Google is perfect for pull marketing.
This article compares the two and further explains when to opt for one over the other.

Google Adwords

Adwords enable you to bid for particular keywords that will make your ad pop up when the user searches that particular word or term. This method can only be successful if the business knows the terms their potential customers use the most; you can know this through the language or by identifying a keyword. Google Pay Per Click ads aim at ensuring that the advertising copy and the page they will land on rhymes with the term the user will search.
For instance, when the user is looking for a specific product, your click-through rate (CTR) is higher; this only happens when your content aligns with what they are looking for.

google ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook provides a wider marketing approach in that you can only market to particular people fitting specific demographics, but they are not looking for the product you provide. This platform gives you a chance to educate your audience about the value of what you have. Facebook made changes to its advertising platform to strengthen its marketing approach. You can quickly get the target and potential customers by connections, locations, and demographics.
The connection section is the one that enables you to reach the close friends of anyone who like your Facebook page. In addition, it allows you to market your product based on the interest of people and the Facebook they are active in and their previous shopping behaviors. This is a perfect strategy for people trying to build better brand awareness for their brands with a loose targeting approach. This enables you to reach an extensive range of potential customers.


What are the relative costs?

Although Facebook Ads and Google Adwords advertising approaches are excellent, it could be better if you considered the cost per click (CPC) amount of an individual approach. Facebook is considered less costly than Adwords, where it charges $0.25 for CPC on the low end. On the other hand, for the people who aim to rank high with competitive search phrases on Google, you will be required to pay $100 or even more. However, this will not always be the case, but Facebook advertisement remains cheap and affordable. Cheaper is not always the best. Therefore, you are always advised to compare the results you get when you pay less and what you get when you tend to pay more.
So, what will help you make the right choice? The key to finding the best advertising platform within your budget is evaluating its performance. The good news is both platforms offer interested users the ability to track traffic and conversion rates.

Which one should you choose?

Even though Google Ads are offered at a lower cost per acquisition due to its focus on customers’ search words or terms, it is accompanied by several limitations. On the other hand, Facebook Ads gives you a platform that enables you to reach a broader audience, among them the people you may not have thought of in the first place. Both advertising platforms can pay off well, especially when one has the correct information for running an appropriate campaign.
Google Ads requires you to have the main keywords your potential customers will be looking for, but on Facebook Ads, you only need to be experimenting while you target different markets. The only best way you can use to know which platform you should be working with is by trying both platforms and tracking progress in both. Find out the number of leads and traffic you get over a particular time from each platform and the Return On Investment you are getting per what you paid for the CPC and acquisition.
You might think it is hard to determine this, but you need to relax because you can find a professional who can get you through this. Also, you can choose to involve an online advertising agency. They will make things easy for you, and you can quickly end up with the best online advertising platform.
An online advertising agency will give you many more benefits than you expected. The primary and direct benefits you will enjoy are marketing expertise and an outside view of the marketing world’s knowledge and trends. The biggest thing is that you will get direct access to professional tools and knowledge. Keep in mind that internet advertisement is not constant, and therefore you need a stronger mind to help you keep up with the daily occurring changes that are likely to affect your decisions. In addition, you access the best analytical tools that will enable you to track the reactions of your customers easily. Getting these tools can be very costly, but they will be cheaper if you get them through an advertising agency. Therefore, whether you are trying to market your own business or a company, you need an advertising agency that will take care of things you find hard on your side alone; moreover, you need to broaden your mind concerning the same.

The bottom line

What you spend on each platform is entirely based on the current goals. If you want to widen your brand awareness, then Facebook is exactly what you need, but make Google your best friend for a quick return on investment. Different businesses have come out saying that both platforms are the best, so it is better to experiment first to see which works better for you.
Make sure that you enlist the help of an HVAC marketing specialist to find out what is the next best step. A mistake can be costly, so always consult the experts!